A B O U T   U S
Buy quality instead of logos

You probably opened ‘About Us’ because you wanted to figure out the meaning behind our name. Truth be told, it doesn’t mean anything at all. Just like all those fancy brand names out there don’t mean shit either. In the present-day, a fancy brand name primarily means one’s products are excessively priced. Manufacturers tend to brand their products with an appealing name or logo to imply its high quality. Here, we prefer to let the quality speak for itself. Our beautifully crafted and clean products will never be spoiled with pushy, in-your face, logos, prints or other bullshit. In addition, we certainly won’t charge outrageous prices that normally go hand-in-hand with cunningly constructed brand images.

Not your typical clothing brand

We don’t pretend to be someone we’re not. We’re not your well-oiled marketing machine. Hypes and trends are wasted on us. Neither do we care about your age or sex. Just as aeuoeu isn’t the typical clothing store, you aren’t expected to be the glamourous archetype fan with multiple followers on Instagram either. We embrace you for who you are, instead of dictating who we want you to be. Please, always stay true to yourself. How? Valuing quality far more than a hype logo.

Slow fashion

At aeuoeu, we advocate for slow fashion. Quality, care, and longevity are key. Your typical seasonal fashion trend won’t be offered. We sell what we would wear ourselves. Slow fashion also implies developing as much as possible, by hand, ourselves. In doing so, we enable ourselves to stay in control. Not only with regard to our garments, but also concerning our manually tailored boxes and tags. Even if this results in the occurrence of minor, often imperceptible, errors. Sorry, but not sorry.

Obviously, there’s still plenty of room for improvement though. Currently, we are working hard to add more transparency to our production process and to reduce our carbon footprint. This won’t be finished by tomorrow. Neither by next month. But although a stone is broken by the last stroke of hammer, this doesn't mean the first stroke would be useless.