D O N ' T   L E T   O T H E R S   D E C I D E

Shot and edit by Poria Asghari

aeuoeu began life as a condemnation of today’s fashion industry, which often seems to value a hype logo far more than quality. Literally labeled garments nowadays imply belonging to a specific subgroup. Showing off Supreme signals a different identity than Lacoste does, while wearing BALR is compartmentalized differently than Hilfiger. This labeling of society through clothing has been a true thorn in the flesh. There are people, however, that pursue this battle in a far more significant arena: the arena of life.

Subject to prejudice and baseless hatred, war-fleeing refugees are often labeled as ‘frauds’, to say the least. In spite of all of these accusations, they have been able to build new lives that are nowhere near the labels they were framed into. Instead, these newcomers manage to practice, study, and work their way into someone who only they want to become. They don’t let others decide. In deciding for themselves, despite major setback, these individuals should be an example to anyone. They definitely are to us.

Extensively supported by VluchtelingenWerk Nederland, we tried capturing the inexhaustible energy, optimism, and heartening ambition of some of these newcomers living in The Hague. Read and watch their stories below and get inspired to decide for yourself, like they did too.

In addition, we would love to find out what recent decisions you made for yourself without caring about what others would think or say. Share your story with us by using the hashtag #idecideformyself on social media! We’ll be reading every single one of them.